How to resolve object reference issue

i get this error – If: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


my suggestion will be to remove change the sintax to row.Item(0).ToString = url.ToString and see if works.
Most likely one of the two variables (row or url) are not valid at that state.

If possible please try to execute the workflow in debug and check at that point if both values are correct.

i change the whole code but still have same problem


If you are inside a for each row loop. You cant set row(0).item.tostring.
It just needs to be row.item(0). If you want to inspect the first row always then you need datatable.rows(0).item

Hi @ashishmani

Can you show the Range inside Write Cell? It seems like the output after 39130 is null value.

Possibility of “AT” + (dt… resulted in null value