How To Resolve Certificate Validation Failed Error When Running The Automation Suite Installation Script?

Have the certificates expired?

Issue Description: When attempting to run the Automation Suite installation script, users may encounter a "Certificate Validation Failed" error if they have replaced the default self-signed certificates with signed certificates and attempt to run the installation script again after 90 days. Even if the signed certs are not expired. This error occurs because the installation script is attempting to validate the old self-signed certificates in the /root/.uipath directory instead of the newly installed signed certificates.

The error occurs when the installation script validates the self-signed certificates located in the /root/.uipath directory. This occurs because the installation script checks the old certificates instead of the new signed certificates.


Approach #1: Run the Installation Script with the Skip Pre Reqs Flag

Users can resolve the "Certificate Validation Failed" error by running the installation script with the skip prereqs flag. To do this, users should add the "--skip-pre-reqs" flag to the installation script command. Here's an example command:

  • ./ -i cluster_config.json -o output.json -f -s --accept-license-agreement --skip-pre-reqs

This flag will skip the validation step and allow the installation to proceed without checking the certificates.

Approach #2: Move Self-Signed Certificates to a Temporary Folder.

Alternatively, users can move the self-signed certificates located in the /root/.uipath directory to a temporary folder before running the installation script again. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Access the /root/.uipath directory and move the following files to a temporary folder:
  • rootCA.crt
  • Server.key
  • Server.crt

Command: mv rootCA.crt server.key server.crt /tmp/certs

  1. Run the installation script again
  2. By moving the self-signed certificates to a temporary folder, the installation script will not attempt to validate them, allowing the installation to proceed without encountering the "Certificate Validation Failed" error.