How to replace the word in msword and save to another filename

Need to open a template word doc, amend some words and the save as a new filename. I still want to keep the source file as a template

You can use replace activity and to replace word if you replace more use for each
example read the data from the data table use for each
Copt the templet you want to change to the another folder

and start to replace the words

then save it or saveAs to some folder


Send Hot Key to save the file

I hope you get the solution

For save it another folder use type because when send hot key use you get pop window where you want to save

use type into activity
ProcessPath+ row(“Primary Name”).ToString

Processpath means your folder path where you want to save the file example C:\dextop\yourFolder
Primaryname is your file name

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Chethan P

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