How to replace last two digits with 00?

Hi All,

I have some list of Member ID like “123456709”, 234156808", “342516707” and so on first I want to check for the condition for each Member ID i.e whether the "last two digits of member ID contains “00” "then I want to proceed with the further process to scrap the data.

If the last two digits of Member ID’s contains apart from “00” value then I want to replace by the last two number by"00", after replacing the last two digits with “00” then I need to proceed for the scrapping part.

How to do that please help me to resolve the same.


Thanks in advance

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Hey @HeartCatcher

Iterate the list & do the string manipulation,

Assuming str is your string

new String(str.Take(str.Length - 2).ToArray) + "00"

Proceed for scraping !

Hope this helps


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@HeartCatcher Use the below exp to check the 00’s exists at the end


It retruns bool valure then you can use other exp to replace

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(InputStr, "\d{2}$", "00")

Please find workflow below (2.5 KB)

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Hi @HeartCatcher
You can use Assign activity

MemberID = Left(MemberID,7) + "00"

It will replace the last 2 digits forcibly.

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Id number is dynamic it not always contain 9 digits only ,sometime it contains 8,7 etc

@HeartCatcher It will always looks for last two numbers no matter of length

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Hi @HeartCatcher ,

I hope below code would help you

arrMembers = {"123456709","234156808","342516707"}

lstMembers = arrMembers.ToList().Select(Function(a) a.Substring(0, a.Length - 2) + "00")

then use foreach to loop “lstMembers” variable

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Hi @HeartCatcher
Try this

MemberID = 

Find an approach working on any digit length, looking for the last 2 digits and doing the replacements when needed


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