Remove last Digits


I would like to please about help or advice. I got array of string:

And on the end of all phrases i got number… how to recognize and remove this digits… solution must be dynamic because the length of string are changing.


I’m not sure exactly what you are wanting, but you can look maybe online for a Regex pattern that will extract only the numbers that end a string.

It might be a pattern like this: “[0-9]{1,2}$”, which says a number 1-2 digits that ends the string ($)

To use the pattern, you can do something like the below:

System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Match( text, "[0-9]{1,2}$").Value

Hope that helps.


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You need to remove the last digit alone ? or need to eliminate after reaching some length?

(yourString.TrimEnd().Substring(0, yourString.Length - 1) will remove the last character

Hi @karthick

So cut last character is not a solution… look on pictures… one time you got “1.1” next time only “2.” other line got 2.1 it must be removed.

@ClaytonM thx mate ill try this solution.


Hi @fudi5,

strinput=System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(strinput,"\d*[.]$|\d*[.] \d*$","")


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Then follow @ClaytonM procedure and replace it using Regex.

Since you need the decimal, you might also try @arivu96’s

which basically says to extract ending number with decimal on end OR ending number with decimal and another number.

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I have question related to this… for ex i am having a no lik thus 1,234.00 i want to remove decimal point and 2 zeroes from this. How to remove those can any1 help m

how to use in uipath activity? which activity I should put. and inside that I can insert regex