How to replace curly quotes with straight quotes uipath?

Hi Experts, I am trying to replace β€œ curly open and closed quotes with straight quotes. Could somebody help please.

Hi @rahul_gola

Can you share the Input and output


Hi @rahul_gola

can you try this lets say you have a variable -Test

Test.Replace ('β€œ', '"')

one more approach we can work with html code too

Test.Replace (chr(147),chr(34))

@nikhil.girish Thank you for the quick response, i will check and let you know now.

did it work @rahul_gola if so can u share a sample of input and output

@nikhil.girish it has worked. i am able to get the output as " straight quotes. Thank you.

so the input text was rahuβ€œl for and i am getting the out now as expected output: rahu"l

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