How to renew Community Edition free version

Hi Team,

Need the following details to renew community edition. Thanks in advance

  1. How to renew community edition license
  2. When to renew community edition license
  3. Steps to follow in case of any error

Installer(.exe or .msi):

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Free

Studio/Robot version: Studio V2018.1.1

Current behavior: Expire in 4 days

Screenshot: UiPath_License_Expiration


Hi Hareesh,

Thanks for you response.

I’m using free version of UiPath Community Edition. From where I can get the new license to activate it again

Hi Karthik,

If I do the renewal by today using that link, will it reflect today/after expiration day. What kind of response will I get it from UiPath Studio after restarts.



You are using old version of UIpath studio. Install it new version of studio and no need to renewal it again and it won’t expire also.

Hi I am getting error while deactivating licence - Error #16: Cannot deactivate license: error code: -4212, license status: 0, error description: SOAP invalid license number

I am trying to renew community edition license. Online it throws error of already activated.
Please help

Thanks in advance

Hi Karthik,

I tried to renew the license using the link and restarted the studio. I’m getting activation error. Please look into it and let me know the solution.

Thanks in advance.

Lakshman, Can you let me know the version details.


Login into this link: and then go to Resource Center and download community edition and it’s 2019.6 version