Unable to renew community version 18.4.6

Recently we are unable to renew our 18.4.6 community version we had on our machines
We have following response from uipath “It can’t be done since that device has used 2016 version of our trial and since we’ve ruled out that version of trial , we can’t release it. You could use another device for community, I’m afraid that device can’t be released.”

Did anyone face this issue and had an alternative fix?

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Hello , the current version for the community release is 19.12 :slight_smile:

@Pablito could you please change the tag on this post to Studio :smiley:


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One of the CE Version requirement is to have constant connection to network so all updates are pushed automatically. Current model of licensing community version is that you don’t need to renew it. Just download new version and it should work without anything.

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I wonder how they where using such an old version of CE that were not auto updating… :upside_down_face:

I don’t remember exactly but back then there was different licensing model and manual renewal was assigning license for little longer period :slight_smile: But I’m not sure.

yes, it did have the renew thing, but also the auto update…

Most likely after activating the Community license they cut the internet. This is why we changed our licensing solution in 19.4 for Community and in 19.10 for Enterprise subscription.

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