How to rename the pdf file with folder name in uipath


I need help to rename pdf file with folder name.I have folder name with a Number, I have few pdf files to merge. After merging the pdf files, I have to rename the file name with Folder name. I have folders around 400.
Any suggestion to do this. Thanks in advance

HI @Ping_Pong

Hope this will help you


lets say you have a root folder: filepath://dummypath/data , inside this folder you have your 400 folders.

  1. Assign - Folders = Directory.GetDirectories(“filepath://dummypath/data”) [data type= array of String]
  2. now use ForEach activity and loop through each folder where you have multiple PDF files, you can get that folder name using Path.GetFilename(item), save it in a variable which you can use while saving your merged PDF name.
  3. Inside above for each use assign and get all the files full path from it using Directory.GetFiles()

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