How to rename a column name generate from read range?

I used read range to read excel file and the sample generate columns are OrderDate , Region, Rep and ETC.


And then I used for each to get each column


Now I wanted to rename column Region to “Test Region” and when I loop through the columns again the output should be , since I renamed it . Any idea guys .? Thanks

OrderDate , Test Region, Rep and ETC.

Thank you for any answers and idea.

Read Range output = Dt
Then For Renaming use
DT.Columns(0).ColumnName = “newColumnName”

Here I am renaming 0th Column i.e. First Column u can use old column name instead of index


But I wanted to rename it inside the for each , how would I do that ?

Then store the Rename Columns name in a list or array
Then use

In for each ----Assign Index

Can you please provide a sample workflow Sir ?

Cant we rename the column in this process ? inside for each ?

Yes You can

Can you please provide an example using or renaming it inside the for earch .

Exl.xlsx (8.8 KB) Main.xaml (9.2 KB)

cant open the activity has error , either missing or could not load properly Sir

can you add the files again include the json

I dont wanna rename all columns I just wanna rename specific column name

Then use conditions

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