How to remove unwanted characters at the end of the string?

Hi, I want to remove unwanted characters at the end of each row in attached excel sheet.
Namely I want to get rid of every character that starts with “VV” at the end of the string.

DT.xlsx (19.3 KB)

Hi @Palaniyappan. Could you please help me on this.

Hi @Sirimalla_Karthik_Chandra,
Do you have a particular format for the string you require, excluding the unwanted characters?

Hi , thank you for replying. I’m attaching a excel file. I need the data to be looked as in column C. there is no specific format.

DT.xlsx (36.2 KB)

@Sirimalla_Karthik_Chandra, It would affect data if we randomly clear the unwanted characters from the string. If we can come up with a specific format for your string, e.g. Ends with a number or specific length, the output will be more accurate. :slight_smile:

Actually i’m extracting the data from a txt file. this is the vba code that im using currently “line.Substring(172,9)”. and I want to remove the characters that starts from “VV” in every string.

Hi @Sirimalla_Karthik_Chandra, can you check the sheet2 of the attached file and confirm if that is the desired output?DT.xlsx (30.2 KB)

1 Like , Thanks man. that’s the desired output. Could you please share the xaml file or could please share what are the activities you have used to get the output.

Here you go :slight_smile: SKC2.xaml (5.7 KB)


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