How to remove DataTable rows having empty column cell

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I want to remove specific rows which is having empty cell in a datatable.
In the attachment, The salary column 3 and 5 cells are empty. Therefore i want to delete row number 3 and 5.Plesase find the attachmentCapture

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Load the entire into datatable, Then remove the rows where salary= empty by filter datatable activity then again store the value into excel.


Should we consider only Salary Column values to be empty or any cell in a particular row/Column

You can try the below Query

Datatable variable = (From x In Datatable.AsEnumerable()
Where Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Convert.ToString(x(“Salary”)))
Select x).CopyToDataTable

Thanks for the reply. Yes , if salary column cells are empty, the entire row should be removed.

HI @Mahesh5491
we can use Filter datatable activity buddy
–use a excel application scope and pass the file path as input
–use a read range activty and get the output as out_dt a datatable variable
–use a filter datatable activity and pass the above variable as input and in condition mention as
“Salary” = Nothing
and enable Remove radio button in filter wizard window, which would remove the empty cell rows and put the output datatable with a new variable named final_dt created in the variable panel with default value of new System.Data.Datatable

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You can try the below Query in assign activity

Datatable variable = (From x In DatatableVariable.AsEnumerable()
Where Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(Convert.ToString(x(“Salary”)))
Select x).CopyToDataTable

Please look the attached example and if any issues luk.

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Is “x” is a DataTable variable?

Nope, its a range variable you need not worry about it use it as it is

Thank you very much.

@muralipa, This one is working. Is it possible to remove empty cell row using DataTable.Select Method?

@Palaniyappan This one will work along with “Salary” isEmpty. Is it possible to achieve this using DataTable.Select Method?

yes of course
like this
Final_dt = out_dt.Select(“[Salary] is Null”).CopyToDatatable()

Cheers @Mahesh5491

Thanks alot @Palaniyappan. The above code works, It returns empty cell rows. For removing empty cell rows we have to prefix “NOT” in front of null.

it must be like this
Final_dt = out_dt.Select(“[Salary] is Not Null”).CopyToDatatable()

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so did this get resolved buddy
any issue still
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Yes it Did…Thank you…

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what happened @Mahesh5491

All the answers are right. Thanks to everybody.