How to record Manual steps execution in Test Manager

I’ve tried executing manual test steps using Studio Pro and mark them passed in manual steps (we can also run automated scenarios but this post is specific for manual execution.)

Unable to find results or comments recorded in Test results or Test Case overview.

Hi @Sonalk,

For this, enable below 2 options from debug ribbon and then run or debug it manually, then you would be able to see the activities being logged/recorded in Output panel.


@sonaliaggarwal47 : Thanks for your inputs. when we are running .xaml from Studio and marking test case status as ‘Passed’ or ‘Failed’ with tester comments in Test Manager (Manual Test cases).

Is it possible to record status during Manual test cases execution in Task Manager.

I was not able to see recorded status somewhere in manual test case execution (Test Manager) : It was empty to execute same scenarios manually again.

HI @Sonalk,

Doing manual execution in studio wont update anything in test manager.

You can link your tests in studio pro with test manager but that would be for automated test cases so when you run test case in orchestrator, it will update its status automatically in test manager.

But not for manual test runs, that has to be done manually.


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