How to receive an OTP from a client?

Hi! First of all, thank you all for reading my question.

My problem is this: I have a web application that performs a solvency analysis of my client based on some documents that I download on his/her behalf from public administration sources. In order to do so, I need to receive an OTP that de public portal will send to my client’s mobile. The question is, what is the best way to receive this OTP from him in order to introduce it seamlessly into my “evaluator” robot? I have read about Uipath apps, would this be the best way or would you recommend another strategy?

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Good morning @ccrespo9669!

You have 2 options here, try to play with them and choose the one that best fits you!
(the differences are basically graphic design, output will also be a bit different, but both will work)

1- Input dialog Activity (text box mode) - This will create a popup for the user to insert the OTP, the output is a string variable that you can use later on to type wherever you need.

2- Create Form - A bit more complex since the output is a JSON, therefore you need to deserialize it to obtain the info, but on the other side, it looks cooler :slight_smile:

  • It requires you to get the UiPath.Form.Activities Package 1st

Hope it helps!

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Thank you very much Ignasi.

We do not have contact with the client, he will receive a message from us explaining to him what will occur (that he will receive an OTP that we need to know in order to proceed with his demand), but he will not have the opportunity to interact with our robot directly. So I guess that the first option, which is the one we are using now to test the robot, is not possible.

How does it work the second one? May I send him an url or anything where he can introduce the third party OTP, so that our robot can receive it automatically and continue with the operation process with no human intervention?

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Hi @ccrespo9669

Then my understanding is that the bot will be Unattended, but you require a OTP from the client…

Both of the solutions above are for Attended bots, they just differ on output type and visual design.

Also UiPath Apps, would act as Attended bot. Meaning that if that would be an option, both of the solutions above would also be possible.

OTP are temporary passwords, so I wouldn’t suggest sending them over email, or any other communication tool other than voice, meaning that either you guys that will be executing the bot, have access to an account with your own OTP, or the client can access a VM for example, and run the bot in attended mode.

Apart from that solutions, I don’t seem to have any other possible outcome!

Thank you for your answer Ignasi. I am not a technician, what is a VM?, so that I can look for info about it.

Thanks again,


Hey César! @ccrespo9669

I’m referring to a virtual machine (VM), where the bot can run attended, you can leave the Input dialog activity open, and the client can connect, introduce it, and click on submit. Once that happens, the bot will resume the work, with the input form the client

  • Basically, a virtual computer, that the client can have access to, and they will just need to input the OTP and click on “OK”.

Understood. Thank you very much Ignasi. I will explore this option. Thank you.

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