How to ready a table Column name with each column value

Hi Techii

I am working on a problem and need some help.

I have a Table , and the table column is the Control name itself. When I am reading a table, I want to know that this value common name is what

row(0).Column name
url.xlsx (10.0 KB)

I want to make it dynamic-like, where a new menu is added in the application, I will update that control name in an excel file, and the bot will try to take an action according to the menu value.

Its a single page application with 30 controls, i want to skip 30 if else logic

maybe you are looking for:
yourDataTableVar.Columns(2).ColumnName for getting the column name of the third column

Let me check , But problem is some thing diff, Is it possible in UiPath ?

we do feel the same, but would recommend to rephrase your case description as it is not clear in total.

Keep in mind dynamic looping can be done over columns and/or the CurrentRow.ItemArray. In both cases we can derive dynamicly the column name

If you want to make it fully dynamic, then it means that for each control on the page your robot must be able to:

  • Detect the corresponding name from the Excel file
  • Detect the corresponding type of control (text, multiline text, multiple choice, etc…)
  • Dynamically use the corresponding action (i.e., Click, Type Into …) based on the type of control
  • Dynamically use a selector that will find the corresponding control based on the control type and name
  • Set the value based on what it found on the Excel file for that control
    From what I can see, the Excel file you’ve shared, you didn’t take into account the fact that the control type is relevant for this dynamic behavior.
    This dynamic implementation might be feasible (and I say “might” because it’s hard to say without acessing your application and really seeing what you’re doing) but it will require you to write very generic code and sequences that will work for a multitude of selectors, control types and values (most likely with some Select…Case options, sub-sequences, etc…)

Thanks let me check this one

Can i check the status of this small window , its out side the scope of the main window

I need to wait , till status 100%

Does it appear after you click something? Or before the main window is loaded? Generally speaking, you should be able to check it. Did you try? If you did, which issues were you facing?

after click on selected option 3

Did you try capturing that window already? If so, did you face any issues?

yes, I am not getting any specific control for that window

If nay pop error is coming , that is also not tracible,
BOT not able o find this

It’s not an elegant solution, but what about treating that pop up as an image instead?