How to read the value in the excel cell with new lines

I am trying to read a cell in excel using Read cell activity.
which hold value =

“Maria josephina

But when using read cell, the value is read as : “Maria josephinaAddressLine1 AddressLine2 CountryPinCode” without newline characer in between,

Tried the same with Read Range. This is also not working
Please help me with this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Could you share your excel file? My Read Cell is reading the new lines.
image image

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Yea Daniel is right. I have tried too, data is extracted in same format with new line characters.

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Could you please try with this @ranjith and @DanielMitchell

Test.XLSX (11.2 KB)


Gone through test.xlsx , the value in cell A1 is word wrapped. This is the reason you’re seeing the content with newline character in XL Sheet but not in uipath code. When you copy that value into notepad manually by yourself, you can see the entire text in a single line.

I have included the newline characters manually in the content and stored back to test.xlsx. Check the code with this fileTest.XLSX (11.6 KB)

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@DanielMitchell and @ranjith
One more query.

I am trying to write a value ‘“jhshdhfs” + vbNewLine + “sdfsdf” + vbNewLine + “dfdfd”’ to a cell.
The value contains newLine character as I am appending it.

But when Iam executing read cell of the same written value, it is not containing the new line character.

Please find attached the workflow.
Thanks in advance.

Test.xaml (7.4 KB)

@ranjith The file is still opening with A1 word wrapped.