Cannot get New Line working with Excel

Dear All,

Hope someone can help me on this, have been busy for a week solving this…

I have a Excel CELL with multi-lines:

The amount of lines depends on the product, so that can vary.

Now i finally got a little solution by typing this into Type Into with:

But doing this manually is not the solution.

So, reading from Excel, that i can do and putting the result in a variable also.

But i think for this solution the results need to be in an array so that i can loop through it, is that right?

And then, mine problem, how can i accomplish with the important factor that i will get every specification on an new line.

Hope someone can help me out, because no matter what i try, no luck :frowning: I read through many many post.

Thx for now.

I f you want to split values in that excel then u can use
Split function using VBCRLF

Hello ImPratham45,

Thx for your reply.

Yes, i partly know that, but how do i implement that i an loop, since i think i first have to put it in an array and then loop throught it with the VBCRLF attached to it?

Can you maybe give a .xaml file example? I an just starting out with Uipath, so not much knowledge yet.


As you want to loop the file data row wise
U can use
Read Range : Dt1
For Each Row = for Dt1
Then it will start looping loop wise
If data is present in first cloumn
then use VarArray=split(Row(0).ToString,vbcrlf)
It will give u array of that sentenses

Thanks! I am going to try it out, i will let you know :slight_smile:

Oww, wait…

I have only one CELL with the multi lines. After i have the array, i have to use " Type Into" activity to put every value in a form on a new line, what code do i need to put into the Type Into activity?

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Row(0).ToString is nothing bt the Cell value
If u are reading cell wise then Use read cell and then use that condition which i suggest earlier