How to Read the PDF files in Back ground

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I had used Pdf read text activity for pdf reader. Once i read the file, I have scraped the invoice date from sample invoice pdf. Now i’m able to get the tax date when pdf file is open. When i closed the pdf file and tried, getting an error on Anchor Tax date activity. kindly advise.


If you want to use Anchor Base Activity and all then PDF should be open else you can’t do all those things.

If you don’t want to open PDF then use Read PDF text Activity to read PDF data and then use REGEX or String manipulation functions to read required data.

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Can you explain more on Read PDF text activity to read PDF data. In my package list I have only Read PDF text activity but unable to find the read PDF data. Please advise.

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Yes we have two Activities to read PDF data.

  1. Read PDF Text
  2. Read PDF Text with OCR - If PDF contains any images then use this activity. Else use first one.

Yes, I know we have two activities for read PDF data. Based on your last reply I thought there is special activity(Read PDF data) for extract PDF files.