How to read the mail body of Office365 mail message as Html

How to read the mail body of Office365 mail message as Html

Inorder to resolve below problem, I want to read the emailbody as html.

Problem : ‘auto downloading email signature as image’ achieve this “Save email attachments - #6 by sravani22
The problem is getting signature image names. Solution is, read email body in html format, use regex to get image names. Use for each loop to remove the attachment from attachment collection and save remaining attachments with save attachment activity.


Is it like question with answer @MariaJosephina

My question is : How to read the mail body of Office365 mail message as Html.


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Hi @Palaniyappan Thanks for replying.
Actually mail.Headers("HTMLBody") is returning null/empty for Office365Message object.


Can you try to turn on Get As HTML property in GetMail activity as the following?




You are almost done
This will work only if GET AS HTML is enabled

Enable and give a try

Cheers @MariaJosephina

Hi @Palaniyappan , even after adding Get as Html, it is returning 0 headers.
Could you please check.


Can we see the property panel of that activity if possible

If any filter set can you validate that once without any condition

And it is marked as onlyunread
So ensure you have unread emails in your inbox

Property panel is added in my previous reply.
Verified that : Mail count returned by Get Mail activity is 1


Can you check mailmessage.Body as the following?


Thanks @Palaniyappan and @Yoichi for the support.
On enabling, Get as HTML property and also reading the mail body as : mail.Body, I am able to fetch the mail body in HTML format.


Glad it got resolved


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