Get Exchange Mail Message. email.Headers("HTMLBody") function not working

Hello Everyone,

I am extracting emails using “Get Exchange Mail Message”, as i need to take the body of the email message as html so i am using email.Headers(“HTMLBody”), same is working fine with “Get outlook Mail message” however not working with exchange.
"Note:- I have unchecked isBodyHTML option in “get exchange mail message” properties as i need some of the mail message’s body as plain text.

could you please advise how i can get the hmtl body of the email

Hello! Same thing happened to me recently, how did you solve it? Thanks!!

I am facing the same issue. Recently changed from “get outlook mail message” to the office365 version “get mail”. ever since the headers are missing completly.

@Govind_Singh @FlorSiri @Govind_Singh Guys any luck with this issue??

Hello, i have not got any solution for it.