How to read the following text file?

I am trying to read the text out of a text file using Read Text activity. It contains the xml data. I am able to read other xml files perfectly fine, but only for this file I am getting an exception that, job terminated due to unexpected process termination. What could be the reason for it. Any workaround is there to read this xml file. Given xml file and the error screenshot are attached.
values.xml (48.7 KB)


I am able to read the attached file as a xml file and as well a text file. No issues.

If you are loading more files like this and dumping it in your process you may get this kind of issue.

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Hi @sarathi125

The issue occured, because I was debugging the file. If I run it I am not getting any issue. I found that if the file size is larger than 1000 lines then debugging wont work while reading. Anyhow thanks.

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Hey how do you able to resolve this error ?

I also getting this error while reading the text file , even at the time of debugging and also at the time of running from orchestrator.

Hi @sachinbhardwaj
For me this error had occured while debugging. I could able to run the file without any error. Is it possible for you to attach the file, I will have a look at it.