Read text file activity fails to read characters after 65536 characters


I have to read the content of a very large xml file with characters over 200k and find a node in that which is at the end. Can someone help me to achieve this. String is unable to store the characters after 65536

I am looking for two solutions here

  1. Read the full content of the file (Best solution)
  2. read the last 65536 characters of the xml file (This will work aswell)

Hi @niteesh2004,

can you attached the file as a zip file ? I try to solve it.


Ok good.

Sorry bala I couldn’t solve it ,I thought this was for a different question.I couldn’t solve it I cannot send the file as it contains sensitive information

Hi @niteesh2004,

I need to test it at my side i need a sample file. Can you send me it and do some find replace in the sensitive text.