How to read range with colors and do write range with colors

i need to read colors cells and write it to new excel file


If you want whole sheet exactly or a range…then use copy sheet or copy range activity which will copy the formatting as well

Or you have get and set the color activities


Or you can do this by opening the excel provide the hotkeys Using ALT+ + keys like

main shortcut is Ctrl+G then use typeinto

Ctrl g then i have given the range then what to do?

When i do copy paste range cells are referring the sheet 1 so what to do

can you provide screen shot of the copy/paste range activity how you have configured

if possible flow as well how you are doing


Hi @Gomathi_Ganesan

  1. Use a “For Each Row” activity to loop through each row in the DataTable.
  2. Within the “For Each Row” activity, use a “For Each Column” activity to loop through each column in the current row.
  3. Within the “For Each Column” activity, use the “Get Cell Color” activity to get the color of the current cell.
  4. Write the cell color value to a new Excel file using the “Write Cell” activity.


For giving color you have to color with VBA macro activity. Ask chat gpt it will give you proper code for coloring. Just invoke it with proper inputs.


You can change the sheetname as you want


If possible could you please share workflow for this logic

Ok will try

Okay sure will do and let u know

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