Get cell color through each row one by one

What argument I need to use instead of “A1” for script to check through each row one by one?



Create one count variable before that Get Cell Color activity. It should be like this.

            ForEach row in table
                  Int count = table.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2
                  Use Get Cell Color activity and pass range like this.

Range: “A”+count.Tostring

@lakshman Thank you mate! How about if I want to get the color of 3 rows in the same time? A+B+C ?

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You need to use three Get Cell Color activities for each row and mention ranges like below.


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Hi @lakshman

Buddy, I’ve tried for “AA”+Count.ToString+" : AJ"+Count.ToString the result Get Cell Color is returning white or black but for individual its generating correct answer like for AA+Count.ToString that is AA6 the Color is Green.

Thank you


Is whole range contains single or multiple colors ?

Hi lakshman.

Buddy, I’ve developed the solution.
Idea behind the solution is I’ve define the Columns Name in Array and iterate whole DataTable row with define columns to check If any of the cell contain Color I move it to define List.

But if you think any sufficient and better approach please share.

Thank you

Hi Ionut_Frincu,
Firstly you have to read data from the excel by using Read Range Activity.

Then using For each row, inside properties of For each row create the variable in the index.

In the range of Get Cell Color Activity, “A”+indexnum.ToString used for getting color through each row one by one.

For three columns using three Get Cell Color Activity and given inside the range:-

If you want to print Color name in the particular column then using Write Cell Activity like “Yellow” color contains this cell.