How to read multiple fields from a scanned pdf

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I have three scanned pdf files. The pdf are the bill payment receipts. i want to get the Transaction Reference Number, Service Number and Amount from each pdf… can some one help me in doing this.
I have attached the sample pdf’s. If any one Can give me a sample xaml, which gives me the required output from pdfs would be a great (458.6 KB)

First extract the entire PDF data using one of the OCRs. Abby is recommended as the accuracy of the results from it is the greatest. However, you’d need a license for it.

Once you have the entire text, use either string manipulation or Regex. I’d recommend the latter.

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@siddharth thanks for the reply siddharth. how do I read all the pdf’s in a folder. can u help me in this


Use Directory.GetFiles(folderPath,"*.pdf",SearchOption.AllDirectories)

please go through the Level 1 - RPA Developer Foundation Training


@pathrudu thanks buddy (1.7 MB)

Try this. If you don’t have microsoft OCR, either install it, or use google ocr activity.

dear @siddharth thanks alot for that. The xaml is running without errors. but in the output folder it is creating the notepad files but there is no data in the files.

Okay. Let me check that out once.

thanks buddy

Main.xaml (20.5 KB)

Replace the main file with this main file. Let me know if this works for you.

got the below error

Sridhar, do one thing. In the main.xaml file you had previously, just delete the Screen Scraping part and rescrape it. Make apt changes to the selectors to make them generic for all the pdf files. That is the only thing you need to do. The workflow is already doing the rest.

@siddharth cool buddy, thanks alot. will update you on this. Cheers

I’d suggest you to just fix the selector in “Type Into” which indicates to the PDF zoom field. However, I didn’t, since I don’t know how experienced you are with UiPath.

yeah i’m just a beginner dude. trying to learn my best.

As @pathrudu mentioned earlier, go through the UiPath Foundation Training first. Will be easier to understand what to do then. Any queries, you can always come back here to UiPath Forum.

All the best.

@siddharth Thank you :slight_smile:

@siddharth Hi Siddharth…this is how i did. Check the attached (2.2 MB)
Thanks for u r help. Cheers