Read PDF Text

Hi Team,

I have multiple PDF files in a folder. I wanted to read Account number from each pdf file. But in each pdf file account number is displaying in different places. Help needed.

use regular expression,it will fulfill your requirements!!

Can you provide me any sample xaml file.

Can You provide any pdf doc or account numbers?? (1.8 KB)

Find The Attachment…

Can you extract and send, i don’t have option to download zip file


Example.xaml (7.4 KB)

I am getting below error while opening the xaml. Do i need to install any specific package ?

Could not find member ‘IsBuilderTabModified’ in type ‘’. Row: 98, Column: 138

Yeah @Robotics,

Install system,uiautomation and uipath.pdf from manage packages…

Yes its working fine thanks

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