How to read files from SharePoint sites from fixed nested folder structure?

Hi folks,

I have a requirement for reading excel files from SharePoint sites and save some documents later to each folder.
Supoose I have a site hierarchy in SharePoint is:
Data/Input/A → A/excel1
Data/Input/B → B/excel1

I have to read these excel files one by one (as we read using for each file in folder if they were in local directory) and get the current folder path so I can save some other docs in same A and B folder.

Note: Parallelly I’m using Office 365>Files activities like Find Files and Folder, For each file in folder but they seem quite irrelevant for my case.


In the find files/folders, you can use the subfolder property.
If you want to get files from folder A → Mention the path as Data/Input/A. So all the files in folder can be looped. In this loop you can add any other logic if needed.

I have used Graph API way to do so as I haven’t found Office 365 activities useful for my requirement.


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