How to get files from SharePoint using O365 For Each File/Folder from the specified folder only and not its subdirectories?

I am able to get files from a SharePoint folder using O365 For Each File/Folder activity but it includes those that are in sub-folders. I just want those ones in the specified folder.

For example:
Files: File1.docx, File2.docx
Folders: Folder1_1, Folder1_2

Files: File3.docx, File4.docx

Files: File5.docx, File6.docx

I want to get files in Folder1, so should return File1.docx and File2.docx only.

When I specify Folder1 as Folder in For Each File/Folder, it also returns File3.docx, File4.docx and so on…

I specified SharePoint as Files Repository and SharePoint Url as SharePoint Site Url in the activity.