How to read excel sheet data using

How to read excel sheet data using
i want to export excel sheet data as Datatable.

you can use readrange activity to achieve this

If i use read range activity then i am getting read range error. so i want read excel sheet through or VBA and i want to return those data as data table.

what is the error you are getting

could not read range and i tried read range workbook activity also. it is also not working.

Can you please specify the exact error here?

could not read range. my excel file contains 16k records and more then 35 columns

If you’re getting an error with Read Range then you’re doing something wrong. You should fix it, instead of trying to do it with Excel activities work fine if you configure them properly.

Show the properties of your Read Range and Excel Application Scope.

In excel application scope with read range activity if my selection range is A1:Z600 its working fine and A1:Z700 again getting this error.

If you just want to read all the data, you don’t specify the end of the range. Just specify “A1” as the range so it’ll start at that cell.

yes i want to read whole sheet and am specifing range as “”

Again, please show the properties of your Excel Application Scope and Read Range. Take screenshots and paste them here.