How to read .eml(outlook emails) From local folder(From PC)

I want to read saved outlook emails from my local folder, anyone help me to do that.

Hi @Akhil_Jose1

Try this-

  1. Use the “Directory.GetFiles” method to get a list of all files within the specified folder.
  • Provide the folderPath variable as the path to the folder.
  • Store the output in a variable named filePaths of type String[] (array of strings).
  1. Use a “For Each” activity to iterate over each file path in filePaths.
  2. Within the “For Each” loop, use the “Read Text File” activity to read the content of each email file.
  • Set the “FileName” property to item, where item represents the current file path being processed.
  • Configure the activity to read the text file and store the content in a variable named, for example, emailContent of type String.
  1. Perform any necessary processing or analysis on the emailContent variable.
  2. Continue with the desired actions or activities based on the content of the email.

By following these steps, you can read the saved Outlook emails from your local folder in UiPath. Adjust the activities and their configurations based on your specific requirements and the format of the saved email files.


This is unnecessary work. You can just use the For Each File in Folder activity.