How to read email and save in data table?

anybody knows that?

Hi @praveen_sonkusare

there is a direct activity for this


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What Information do you need to save into datatable?


like email body, subject, to , from


Build a Datatable with Build Datatable activity, Define columns as EmailBody, Subject etc.,

Use Get outlook Message activity to read the outlook mailbox
Use For Each activity->change Typeargument to System.Mail.MailMessage

Inside foreach you can a Assign activity as

Dt.Row(index).Item(“EmailBody”) = item.body.ToString

index will be the For Each property index variable

Hope this may help you



Hi ,
If u want to get table data from mail then you can try below step
1.Save mail using save mail msg activity in eml format.
2.use start process activity … It will open email in browser
3. Use extract datatable to extract table data.

I tried this approach long time ago. May be it will help you

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Main.xaml (11.5 KB)
please check this work flow i tried what you said but it is not working.