Scraping data from body of E-mail

Hello, I need to extract table information from the Body of the E-mail and store it in a Variable. I looked into all the topics and tried with saving the mail message as “.eml”.
But during data scraping , It’s not extracting any info and not giving any values when I export to excel. Its opening the file in Outlook as eml. But during data scraping, its not extracting any. Please find the screenshot attached. Thanks!


This would help you resolve this

Custom activity to extract tables from email:

It takes mailmessage as an input and returns a dataset with all the table content in the email.

Cheers @Radha_Ganesan

Hi, Thank you. I am having trouble installing any packages from the Studio. I looked for the ExtracttablefromMail package to use the "Extract table from Mail " Activity, but no luck!


Are you referring this

Cheers @Radha_Ganesan

Yes, the same. So I tried with the other option of data scraping the table from E-mail.

Try searching like this
In filter option near to the search button enable only Activities
And search like this

Cheers @Radha_Ganesan

Thank you, did that as well. Not only this package, but I am having trouble with many packages and getting the attached error .

Can you go to settings in that same manage packages window and see whether all where enabled


Hi @Radha_Ganesan
did u tried this ?

Nived N

Hi, Thank you. Like you said, I am able to get the Extract table package, but when I try installing, I am getting the notification to downgrade rest of the packages and getting attached error.

When I click on Yes, Its downgrading all the other dependency like excel,UiAutomation and I am unable to install those.
When I click on No, the Extract table package is not getting installed.

I think it will just get downgraded
Won’t be an issue

Let’s do one thing

Use a new project where first install this custom components and then build data the sequence

Cheers @Radha_Ganesan

Thank you. I tried it. I first installed all the components and then the "Extract Table"package, the same downgrade dependency error popped up. When I clicked on Yes, rest of the other package is showing the error and Unable to install it again.
Sorry to give you hard time !


No worries
Click the x mark at the right side of those package and reinstall searching for the same name


I did that too. It’s still asking for Downgrade dependency . When I click yes, it gives the red exclamation error .IMG_2652

When I click no, its going back to the yellow point and not installing it.

It says since the "Extract table " package is are of higher version. I tried installing the components with the latest version but there is no luck still.

@Palaniyappan I tried checking the output of Data scraping Wizard with a WriteLine activity and its not returning any Values.
When I try scraping the Email body, I am seeing the blank screen in the Scraping Wizard. Is it possible to scrape the table from the E-mail body ?