How to read Each cell value from one by one row


I have Excel sheet validation process and for that -
I need to read each cell value from row. Like from from 1st row need to get each cell value from A to G column, once that done need to move 2nd row, 3rd row till the last updated row and do the same.

Below is the screenshot for more reference.

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@nilesh.mahajan You can achieve using below screenshot.


  1. First use For Each Row activity to iterate one by one row.

  2. And then inside use For Each loop activity to iterate row values.

    For Each row in dtInput
    For Each item in row.ItemArray
    ---- Do your actions using item -----

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Hello Indra,

Thnx for help.

Is there any way to get the cell address for this Item?
Because my requirement is If this item value is Null then copy next cell value into it, So if I get the cell address then I can copy next cell value.

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