How to read dynamic file downloaded by the bot?

Background: I want the bot to read the file it recently downloaded (the downloaded csv file name changes upon each download) and copy (write) it to my working file.

Question: how can i make the file path dynamic?, seems like the wildcard character is not accepted.

Can anyone help me on this please???

Check out the snippet “For each file in folder”. That gives you an easy loop for all files in a folder, where you can use a *.csv wildcard.

Hi JCaravaca, thanks for your response… I am just a beginner in using Uipath, can you kindly explain what is snippet?, and would you mind sharing an instruction guide with screenshots how to do it?, by the way (i already save as the csv file as xlsx (excel workbook) format.

thanks in advance for your understanding:)

try below solution given in below post…

Thank you @Akshay!!!