Want my bot to go the current project file path and open the exported CSV file ? please help

Hi All,

I need one urgent help!!

I have successfully exported CSV file using Data Scraping, now all I want is that my Bot to get the current project file path where the CSV file is stored & open that CSV file.

Thanks in Advance.

Tell me if this helps :slight_smile:

Just give the name of the file within double quotes if you want to read that file within the same workflow!

Giving only the name itself means that the file is lying in the same folder as the workflow! :slight_smile:

It did not work :frowning: , I want my bot to open the CSV File automatically once it is exported where the workflow is saved. [Please note its a CSV File instead of excel]

It it give an error or what?
Can you be a little more specific? open and do what?