How to read controls properties from flash based web application opening in chrome browser


I am automating flash based web application, which run on chrome browser and cannot use IE browser because of flash is not approved application at client end. I am not able to get controls properties because flash and Silverlight support only on IE browser. Is there any other way to read controls properties. Currently I have used Image click activity to automate it but looking better option to automation.

Jaikee Soni

A web application is Just a web application.

The web application can run on a browser (IE , Firefox, Chrome , Safari etc…etc…)

I understand this, but flash is embedded in the web application (and is not an external application that requires approval ), and it can run on various browsers.

It should be your choice on which web browser will you access that web site.
But anyways , maybe if your raise an exception with your client , they would understand this and may allow you to use IE.

Thank you for the updates.
I know web application can run on any browser and to get flash enable it can be done from browser settings.
But client is not ready to enable flash for IE.
So is there any other way to get controls properties.
Suggestion are appreciated.