How to read Array values and Convert into the datatable and place into textbox with appropriate space?

Hi All

I need to read Excel and get Claim payer number, based on the Claim number, need to read CPT,Modifier1,Modifier2,3,4,5,Amount and put it into the Textbox with appropriate space .

example : i need follwing image fields only(F1 to K7)/ClaimNumber :11111(B2)

Can anyone know how do i do that?

Hi @divya.17290 ,

Could you let us know what is meant by TextBox here ? Is it a text Box in the Excel Sheet itself ?

NO the Textbox is in the PDF form

@divya.17290 ,

If you do require to update a PDF form then check the component below :

Do note that this was not mentioned in the First Post, mentioning/ Providing the required details would help us to provide you with appropriate suggestions from the start and avoid back and forth QnA.

Do let us know if you are able to use this activity and provide us a feedback.

I already completed all fields except Last reason field