PDF Scan (Validation, add queue item)

Hi, is my first time asking help, i’m new at the RPA, at my work we are doing a practice about extracting data form an PDF scan, so i’m using Read PDF activite and the OMNI OCR cuz it the best result, now what i’m trying to do is that

this would be on a excel sheet, so i can add them to a queue item in the orchestrator, (kind of an data table) my struggle is that well i need to make a validation that all the numbers form a column makes the sum up to a result ( some numbers have an underscore and i’m struggling)
form the total values. Don’t know how to do that.
Then how i take them to an excel sheet so i can add them to a queue?
Hope someone can help me, hope i make myself understand

Hi @jorge.so,
Welcome to the amazing community of UiPath.

Please try to use the “Generate Data Table From Text” activity. In the below image, I have used your data as sample and checked, its splitting into rows & columns.

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Thanks a lot, worked perfect

Hi @jorge.so,
Glad that it worked. Request you to kindly mark my response as a solution. Thanks!

Once you have a data table variable of the data you want to iterate through, you can use a for each row in data table activity and do a get row item activity in the body of the loop and grab the value of the columns you need to sum, do the math and compare to a specific column in the row.

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