How to read and write a text file?

I wanna read a text file and write it to another text file but without missing a space and alignment.

I have used a ‘Read Text File’ activity but it missed a space and alignment. It must be followed exactly.

Note: Actually Python code is need to write in another text file. So alignment and spaces are important.

Hi @manoj-vkumar, will the content of the text files be the same? or are you appending to the other text file?

Try using screen scraping, might work. Try the different scraping methods and see if you are close to the result! Tell me if this works :slight_smile:

Not appending, just as same content. @quihan

Ok., let m check with the scrapping methods… @Niket_Ghai

Hi @manoj-vkumar, if the new file will have the same content. I’ll suggest using Copy File activity.


Yeah thanks, it’s a good idea :slightly_smiling_face: @quihan .
But actually I’ve tried because I’ve to write it in some online editor panel.

Hi @manoj-vkumar, in that case, you can use Get Full Text to extract the text from your file. Then use Type Into to write it in your editor. Tell me if it works :slight_smile: