Read Text file in a loop and write into a file

Hi Everyone - I need a help. I want to read few text files using Read Text File activity and write all the files into a single file in below format.


If I know how many files I have then directly I can use Read Text File activity equal to number of file and using Write Text File activity I can combine all these as per attached screen shot.

But I do not know how many files will be there. Sometime it can be 2 and sometime 10. So I want to see if I can apply any loop or what should I do?

Additionally I want to take path of files from an EXCEL sheet. For that I can use For each Row and read file path.


Hope the following image helps you.


Thanks Buddy. Code works. But need help in little modification in this code.
It would really be a good help. I want to start the with open bracket “[” and end with closed bracket “]”. In the code you provided start and end is a Pipe “|”.

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