How to read an email from gmail account?

I want to read an email from gmail account with below conditions :
a) Read unread email with specific subject
b)Download all attachments if exist
c) Read text from email body
d) Extract text from image exist into email body

One more query : Can I link my outlook with gmail account so that I can download all email from gmail to outlook and perform all above actions via using outlook activities of UIPATH ?

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i want elso to read an email from gmail with specific subject only

Have you a solution please ?

follow the above procedure to configure Gmail.

Port: 995
and continue with the Body of the For each loop in the above image


Hi @nivarshn1

To Read gmail from UIPath, First you need to allow UIPath robot to read gmail.
For this login your account after that allow lesssecureapps

Now Use GetIMAPMailMessages activity

Provide PORT: 993
Server: “
Sample workflow as follows.
EmailAutomation.xaml (8.4 KB)

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