How to read a excel with same column names

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How to read excel file that is having same column names?

I have a excel file that is downloaded from sap and it has same column names in different fields as a result i’m unable to read the excel to studio as same column exist. Is there any way we can read the excel


Material Material Material Nha Nha
Group Type Dns status.

As there are multiple columns with same name read range is not working !! I need to filter the contents in Material type and copy it to another sheet.

The file is huge and formatting is not possible at start.

Any code or ideas will help.

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You need to change the first row value fornthe repeated items. Make that as material1, material2, material3 by counting the repeated values.

Else read from the second row by ignoring the header row, you will get column1, 2, 3…etc as the columns name


Thank you for the idea! can we do that by hard coding?

without reading the excel file how to change the column value in uipath? I did format the inital data to a table and got the material 1 material 2 but the input file is auto generated by sap and sometimes some columns will be sorted.

My bot have to pick the excel and need to filter the column in material type.

The issue is that the bot have to identify the excel ! ! if the excel contains (“material type”) then it has to filter it and perform one activity but if the excel contains (“column-BIN”) it should perform another fun().

One type of excel file is okay since it is having unique columns and i did it. But to compare the excel I am unable to read the excel as it has multiple columns with same name.

Thank you.

Any help guys!?


Possible share some sample file screenshot here for better help

Any way we did it, we wrote a macro to format the excel and merge the columns and then Inkvoked the vba in uipath.

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Could you please share the macro to solve this issue and vba

hi @vishnu_prasad21
I am also facing the same issue(ie: same column name repeated multiple times in excel file)
Have you got the solution for the excel containing same column names in it.

Thank you in advance


Plz try to uncheck “Add header” while reading the excel as well as while writing. Then in the new excel if you want to remove the newly created header use a Delete row