How to excel file contains Multiple columns with same name

Iam having the file which contains multiple columns with same header names in it.
Kindly tell me the possibilities of solving this issue


If you have the duplicate in the header, Remove Add Header option from properties, then you can proceed with Index of the column instead of Header

Hope this may help you


use my sequence to read the table

for duplicate headers e.g.

It will read it as Header1,Header1-0,Header1-1,Header2,Header3, since datatable cant contain duplicate headers

ReadExcelTableWithDuplicateColumns.xaml (29.6 KB)


How you are getting this data? Is it using read range activity. Then plz disable “Has Headers” in the property panel and use a "Remove Datat Row " to remove the first Row(Which ccontains header)

Hi @Ranganathan_M ,

Try the below Component. It will rename the Duplicate Column Names by adding (1),(2),(3),… at the end of the same column names.