Need help with reading stuff from JSON

Hi all,
Need help with reading stuff from JSON. The one I’ve attached. It has 2 instances.
I need to get from it:
name, source_language name , target_language name.

The problem is that it is not readable for Deserialize json array, so that I cant reach these values by using Deserialize JSON.
Pleased for help.

I don’t find any attachments in the post :slight_smile:
And, if it a perfect JSON, then try replacing the double quotes with single quotes and paste it inside the activity. else read it as a string and pass the string to the activity

@HareeshMR, sorry.
Here is a JSON
output.json (1.9 KB)

heyy @Slavich

Try this to get the name ,


Please try to get the remaining values and let me know if you stuck anywhere so that I will help you if you need :slight_smile:

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Deserialize JSON activity is not working for some time. You can create a custom activity for the same in C# and use the same in the workflow.

I’m not sure in which case it is not working @Syed_Kashif_Nasar :slight_smile: . Its working for me in all the cases. Please explain the case so that the staff will have a look and rectify the activity so that we can get the perfect solution for this :slight_smile:

Thank you, @HareeshMR.
I got a single value. But I need the same (name, source_language name, target_language name) for all instances of JSON…
Is there a way to extract them?

You just need to use two more assign activities to get the values :slight_smile: . So please try the same way and let me know if you stuck so that I will help you out

I recieve a generic JSON with different number of instances every time.
Every instance has: name, source_language name, target_language name.
So how can I loop through instances and get these values?

Here is entire thing you need

  1. Name


  1. Source Language

  1. Target Language

You can loop through the JSON Object to get the required values, but if you have the specific element names , what we call (forgot :slight_smile:), like source_language, you can use them to loop through the particular object

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It works as needed.
Thank you @HareeshMR!

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