Get value from json

Hi ,i’m Chen

I want to get the array,but failed,i tryied like this:
first i read into the json.file,and the output of Deserialize json activity is deserializedJson,then i start to retrive data:
deserializedJson(“name”).Value(of string) --success
deserializedJson(“memberList”).Value(of string) --failed

can anyone help me.
Thank you.

Hi @chen

You can follow this link for the solution to retrieve value from json.


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Since memberlist is an array, you should do somethinf like this

deserializedJson("packaging")("memberList")(0).ToString -- 1st element in array

Thank you a lot.
i failed in trying deserializedJson(“packaging”)(“memberList”)[0].ToString before,but**()** works

i’m so sorry,when i clicked the link,the message "Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private."poped up.Where can i know more examples about json.