How to publish robots to orchestrator using Bamboo CI/CD Integration

I was able to build a pipeline that triggers builds once code is pushed to designated branch, but I’m wondering how can I auto publish bots to orchestrator?

Hello @Zoe0715,

From UiPath studio under the ‘Design’ ribbon you will see the option to ‘Publish’. If you click this it will present you with options.

You can publish processes directly to the Orchestrator via this assuming you are logged into the same Orchestrator that you are logged into in studio and have the correct access and rights.

This is about as best you will get for automatically publishing bots to the Orchestrator.



I think you did not understand my question, of course I know how to publish packages by just clicking on publish, I’m asking how to do this automatically using Bamboo CICD pipeline

Check if this post helps you: Integration of UI Path with Bamboo - #5 by Rahul_Unnikrishnan