How to process only certain records in SAP

Hi Team,

I have an input sheet which contains more than 500+ records but SAP is not supporting because it is throwing a timeout exceed error for more than 100 records so how do i make SAP to process first 100 records and after completing the other calculation again i will have to process the next 100 records…i need to do the same until it complete processing all the records in SAP so please help me achieve this


Let’s say your input data is dtInput. And then try below expression to take 100 records.

         dtOutput = dtInput.AsEnumerable.Skip(0).Take(100).CopyToDataTable

Note: You need to increment the Skip number count in loop until all records are processed.

Hi Thanks for your reply, i am actually confused…i need to do changes in the already implemented bot and that bot is been developed using RE framework…if you don’t mind can you please explain where exactly i need to do the changes i am very new to this process and RE frame work is bit difficult to understand so please help me… i think i will have to do changes in transaction data?

Can you please tell me where exactly i need to implement the above logic?


I have used write line to check which argument is counting the transactions so Transaction number is counting the number of processing records…

so please tell me do i have to implement this logic before this process workflow? and where i need to implement restart process again after processing 100 records