How to process each transaction(datatable )in reframe work?

In init filtered datatable.Getting filtered data table transaction data in process file.Then have to extract again and store in dt2 and check transaction data datatable & dt2 if specific column value changes or not.If changes we have to insert new column and update comments for first transaction
It is working fine for 1st transaction. But if 2 transactions exist,then comments are updating twice in 2 columns.
Needed to update first row transaction data,then start 2nd and update 2nd row comments.
Can anyone please help?


Use transactionNumber variable to identify the row number and use it to update


Please can you share any sample workflow

can you share any screenshot of your process where you are facing issues

@vnsatyasunil Check the attached project that uses REFramework (not queue items) and see if you have questions on it.

REFramework - Multiple Transaction No (72,5 KB)

Alternatively, there is a course in the Academy that is exactly what you need:

It is a 3-hour course and contains a checklist and instructions how to do what you are describing.


Hope this helps!

I have rows in transaction data variable i.e in io_dt_TransactionData
In process extracted again and stored in dt2 variable.
first row transaction should start & check first row of transaction data with dt2 rows if status changes or not & update excel with comments.
2nd should start & repeat the process.

Now issue is for first transaction it is checking all the rows of transaction data & updating,again for 2nd transaction it is checking & updating all the rows

in the process you will get the each row as in_TransactionItem
and you can use this in if condition

and in then block place what ever you want if the condition is true

and in else block place what ever you want if condition is false


but here problem is in in_transaction item we have transaction data to check the rows in another datatable in process file.
i have 3 sheets i.e transaction data is stored in final sheet

  1. initial sheet–>data scraping output of all rows in site.from this filtered data of status column having yes &" yes" transaction data rows added to final sheet
  2. in process sheet2–>again done datascraping of same table & stored output of all rows in sheet2. Then final sheet column status (yes value) should check in sheet2 row whether it is yes or changed to no value.
    If yes enter remarks in final sheet if no enter remarks in final sheet
    needed like this

Please help


If the data is on excel and row has any unique identifier then use find /replace activity

If in datatable try using look up table activity


not working


Not working will not help in reoslution…you need to elaborate and let us know what was not working and what you tried


Where is the data in the datatable coming from? If it’s from a file (ie Excel, CSV, etc) then I suggest writing a dispatcher automation that puts the data into a queue as individual queue items. Then your performer can work out of the queue as it’s intended.

it is coming from excel

have 3 sheets initial sheet,sheet2,final sheet
in initialization extracted data table stored in initial sheet. yes status columns are highlighted with yellow and those yes status columns should add to final sheet.
After that in process file again extracted datatable & stored in sheet2.yes status columns highlighted with yellow.
final sheet yes status columns should be checked in sheet2 if status is same or changed to “no” & update comments in final sheet for that rows .if yes “mail it” should enter in comments for that row
if no “no mail” should enter in comments for that row.

tried with for each excel row in excel process scope & if in_TransactionItem(“Status”)=“Yes” and currentrow(“Status”).tostring=“yes” then used write cell in excelactivity.


Follow this. I hope in the transaction item you are looping through the final sheet…as initially you would have added the yes data to final sheet and we are interested in those

  1. So now in process xaml use filter datatable activity to filter sheet2…on source and status with in_TransactionItem("Source").ToString and with in_TransactionItem("status").ToString
  2. Now use if condition with filtereddt.count>0
  3. On then side use write cell with range as "D" + (in_TransactionNumber+1).ToString to write mail sent and on else side use again one more write cell to write mail not sent


Then you should make a dispatcher automation to put the Excel data into a queue, then let your performer operate out of the queue.