How to print subject from the outlook mail

How to print the subject by using the message box.By using the send outlook mail i have sent the mail at down by using the get outlook i got the mail and the subject is to be printed in the message box?how


hi you can try with
for multiple files use for each

inside use message box


or you can try by taking assign activity

as below image it will show all the available function you can select as per your requirement


Hi @anjani_priya ,

You can iterate over object returend from Get Outlook Mail messages and use currentItem.Subject

DirectCast(currentItem, System.Net.Mail.MailMessage).subject

it will print the subject .!


i have done same but iam not getting the sub

I have done this but my task is to send the 10 mails and print the subjects of that mails.But the subjects is not printing

no i didnt got the subject


can you share the image at which have are facing issue


Iam not getting the subject


can you check whether you are getting the outlookmails are not after the getoutlook mail messages activity

before for each

iam getting mails but iam not getting mails which i have sent in that program

can you share the properties screenshot of Get Outlook Mail Messages activity


They probably aren’t received by the time the Get runs. Why are you trying to send and then get emails right away?

.Yes correct.Iam not receiving the mails by the time it sends.
it’s a task

Can you change the mailfolder “inbox” To "Sent "

So it will give all the sent mail subjects

In the loop you can use = Currentitem.subject


Its showing 0 after that mails are sending


Can you check the spam or junk folder to see if the emails have been categorised as spam. Sometimes, emails can end up there.

if you see in spam you can give in mailfolder

Well then you need to use a Do While loop to do the Get Outlook Email activity repeatedly until the email is found.

But again, what is the point of what you’re doing? Why would you send an email then immediately try to get it?

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