How to predict max and min the price can go

I am trying RPAChallenge Stock Market, and I have set two target numbers. If the value is lower than or equal to the target number, the shares will be bought, and if the value is greater than or equal to the target number, the shares will be sold.

My question is how to calculate the minimum and maximum price drop that can occur

Therefore, even if the high target num condition is true, it should still wait to see if the price increases

Similarly, if the low num condition is true, it will still wait to see if the price gets lower

The problem is that while waiting for the price to get lowest there is a chance that the price will rise and you won’t be able to buy the shares.

It can happen with the highest possible price as well

Loop the process and frame the desired conditions in the Flow Decision activity

can u tel in detail , what condition do i even use , im already using a minTaget <= price and maxtarget >= price

what can i use now

Based on your requirement you can Design flow.
If you need to Track data for an hour, use Get text activity and extract each and every change of data and feed it into the data table, After one hour, process the DT and find the minimum and maximum of an hour. To find the change in Data, use the Element change trigger activity in the trigger scope.

Loop this process you can get the continuous minimum and maximum record


Refer to this flow for Trigger while element change
Forum_TriggerElementChange.xaml (10.8 KB)

if i have to store each price in a datatable and then find the min and max , till then the price will be fluctuated so many times on the rpa challenge stock market

Yes, once the market opens, the price will fluctuate still the close of the day, so you an generate your out-put one house once or one day once.

Currently I’m using this simple workflow

Main.xaml (16.2 KB)

Its Not loading properly, I think need to send with folder

Here it is

RPA Challenge Stock (145.5 KB)

Kindly Find this Xaml file
File name: RPAStockMarket
RPA Challenge Stock (163.4 KB)

Proces will show max and min price every 20 seconds